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Recycle at MNH

Here at MNH we are a collection point for various recycling initiatives.

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Recycling for Kids



E-Waste Collection

We have an E-Waste station accessible 24/7.  Accepts small e-waste, Batteries, Printer cartridges, mobile phones.

Mobile Muster

Bring in your old phones and batteries and we send them off to be recycled.

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Soft Plastics
"Close the Loop & Greater City of Bendigo"

Blister Pack Recycling

We are a collection point for blister packs recycling

Empty Blister Packs

Glass Recycling Purple Skip Bins

Have you noticed the new Purple Skip Bins? From July 30 2023, there will be a better way to recycle glass bottles and jars and improve our recycled materials throughout City of Greater Bendigo,


Where is Marong’s drop-off point?

At Malone Park carpark, see map.


What type of glass can I recycle at the new skip bin?

Glass to be recycled is the same types of glass bottles and jars that

you already place in your kerbside recycling bin. Remove any lids

before placing them in the skip bin.

This includes:

Glass sauce and condiment bottles

Glass jars

Glass wine bottles

Glass beer bottles

Glass soft drink bottles

What if I Can’t get to a drop off point?

Glass jars and bottles should be put in the recycling bin if you cannot visit a purple skip bin. Residents are encouraged to use the list above to find a convenient drop off location and make glass drop offs part of their routine - just like many of us already do with our soft plastics, textiles and e-waste. As a community we need to divert a significant amount of glass from the recycling stream to avoid having a fourth bin for glass.

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